Philadelphia Weight Management Medical Center
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The use and dosage of medication will be discussed individually since this will
vary depending upon your program and medical condition.

The purpose of appetite suppressants is to reduce your hunger drive.  The reduction in hunger can help to resist the many physiological and psychological pressures to eat excessively.  These medications will assist you in following your weight reduction program.  This will in turn lead to weight loss with a consequent improvement in health.

We would like to tell you a little about appetite suppressants.  All appetite suppressants have the potential to show both amphetamine like side effects such as irritability, rapid heart beat, inability to sleep, or feeling hot and antihistamine like side effects such as dryness of the mouth and drowsiness.  The proper selection of appetite suppressants to be used, as well as the effort to have patients take the lowest dose possible that will give good appetite suppression, keeps these side effects at a minimum.  If you do develop any bothersome side effects, another method of appetite control will be considered.

This office has extensive experience with the use of appetite suppressants.  All patients who are taking these medications are monitored closely.